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Private Dog Training

Why Private One-On-One Dog Training Is Best For Owners And Their Dogs

There are many benefits to private instruction which include:
  • Lessons are structured to suit the individual needs of you and your dog
  • Appointments can be made to fit in around your schedule
  • Dedicated one-on-one training and problem solving
  • Both you and your dog learn at your own pace
  • Some dogs are not suited to class situations due to fear, hyperactivity, aggression etc.
  • Ideal for dogs with behavioral issues such as Separation Anxiety, Housebreaking, Food and toy Guarding etc. that are beyond the scope of a general class structure.
  • Ideal if you are uncomfortable about participating in a class environment
  • Your dog can concentrate on learning in an environment where there is little distraction. If your dog is uncomfortable/distracted in a group training situation, he will be unable to concentrate and will not learn.
Training should be fun for both you and your dog. The Canine Classroom relies heavily on Positive Reinforcement Methods. We find out what best motivates the dog and use that consistently as positive reinforcement. The conclusion of any dog training session should always include praise, as this leads to immediate results. Always end the training session on a positive note by allowing the dog to complete a command correctly even if it is a simple one such as ‘sit'. The praise and reward should be exaggerated rather than subdued.
The Canine Classroom has successfully trained thousands of dogs over the years in the Portland, Beaverton, Hillsborough, Tigard and surrounding areas. We help dogs and their owners with everything from basic dog training to solving severe behavior problems. Our results-oriented approach resolves dog behavioral issues and successfully teaches dogs to be predictable and obedient. With our dog training methods, we will also teach owners to properly interact and work with their dog. The reality is that it takes about three times as long to condition a person than it does a dog. This is because dogs think in a very linear and simple manner, whereas people think in a very complex manner. Therefore, people tend to question each step when dogs just do what is asked of them. Our training programs show the owner how to be clear and consistent with words and body language, so that a dog will be focused and do what is asked. The Canine Classroom dog training methods are based on psychological conditioning principles - this makes it very easy for the dog to be trained in minutes, and simple for the person to understand. While we utilize various conditioning strategies, the elemental factor of motivation is the most important of all. All dogs do not respond to the same motivation whether praise, treats or toys
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Choosing a qualified dog trainer is not an easy task. Many people have taken a few online courses or read a few books or seen a few videos and consider themselves "certified dog trainers." They may even carry a card that says "Certified Dog Trainer". There is no uniform certification for dog trainers. Many different dog training courses provide their own certification, but no nationally recognized system has been established. Many of the dogs we've retrained had already been through a few group classes and the owners were not happy with the results. At The Canine Classroom they received the help they were looking for. Many of our client reviews verify this fact.