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About The Canine Classroom

The Canine Classroom was established in 1993 and has since become the most sought-after dog training school in Portland, Oregon. Steve Fuller is the owner and trainer, and he uses a comprehensive approach to training your dog.
Steve began his dog-training career in 1978 when he was living in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. With over 30 years of professional dog-training experience, he has trained thousands of dogs. Although he had learned much from books and other dog trainers, Steve learned that his best teachers were the dogs themselves. By being sensitive to each dog's temperament, situation, and personality traits, Steve and Wesley are able to achieve remarkable results with a minimum amount of time and effort.
Initially, Steve's dog training was set up so that the dogs were housed and trained for one week without the owners. Subsequently, the owners participated in weekly classes with their dog. Over the years, Steve discovered that boarding and training are traumatic for your dog, and create a negative situation for learning. He found that it's critical for the owners to be involved in the training process from the start.
Dogs are social animals that require contact with other living beings. They thrive on companionship. In their natural state they would live in a pack. We as humans must take on the role of their pack leader if we are to live in balance with these incredible animals. Every pack needs a leader. You will do your best friend an immeasurable justice by giving them what a reliable pack leader in the dog world would provide. At The Canine Classroom, you will increase the bond you already have with your dog or create the bond that you're missing.
Steve working with 7-month old Pompero, a Dogo Argentino
Obedience training is the perfect way to achieve a happy, peaceful relationship with your canine friend. The structure that training provides often clears up behavioral problems because boredom is often a main culprit for destructiveness and other issues. Hundreds of dog owners have worked with us repeatedly to modify the behavior of their companions in beneficial ways. We encourage you to come and see why we're the number one dog training school in Portland, Oregon.
Serving Portland, Beaverton, Tigard and surrounding areas.
The Canine Classroom will give you an estimate for the entire training program. Prices vary depending on your dog's temperament and the level of training you choose.
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