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The Canine Classroom
Training in Portland, Beaverton, Tigard and Surrounding Areas since 1993.
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Free Dog Training Evaluation

The Canine Classroom offers a free evaluation of your dog. This gives us a first-hand look at your training needs. We will evaluate what we need to do, how much work will be necessary, and what approach should be taken for training. It also gives us the opportunity to meet and explain in greater detail what will be involved.
Plan on thirty minutes for the evaluation. Be sure to bring your dog wearing a leash and collar. We may use the leash to walk around and get acquainted with your pup. If your dog is nervous, we will help it get used to the surroundings for a few minutes so that he/she can relax.
It's important for both you and your dog to feel comfortable at The Canine Classroom. This is where training begins, but by no means where it ends. We start inside the classroom with no distractions. Once we have sufficient control there, we add distractions and vary the environments to advance your dog's training.

Our Guarantee

Once training is complete, we hope there are no further problems.
However, if a problem arises in the future, we offer additional training classes at no charge.
We stand by our training and are here to help.
Steeve With The Dog - Dog Training in Portland, OR
Steve and his dog Sydney