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Course Outline

At the Canine Classroom we teach you and your dog together. We have found that individual instruction has no equal and provides far superior results for dog owners. We take the time to tailor the classes to suit your needs. During dog training we assist you in eliminating unwanted animal behavior such as jumping up, barking, chewing, etc.
The first goals we need to achieve are mastering the walk, teaching your dog basic commands, and creating focus towards the owner. We emphasize praise and reward while teaching the dog to pay attention and learn what is expected when a command is given. Repetition provides reinforcement, while consistent handling conditions the dog to repeat the desired behavior. Techniques are applied using the leash and collar to gain the dog's attention and direct him or her into performing each command.
CLIENT HEELING LABRADOR - Dog Training in Portland, OR
Lanae working on dog aggression with Cocoa bean
The following commands are taught using both voice and hand signals:
HEEL – Means “walk with me” without pulling, sniffing the ground, jumping up or lagging behind. As the handler moves, the dog stays on the left side, head up and paying attention.
SIT – When we stop moving, the dog is expected to sit automatically. She will sit quietly until we begin moving or give another command.
STAY – On this command we begin about 20 feet from the dog and work up to a maximum distance of 100 feet. Your dog learns he is expected to remain where you put him until you return and release him.
COME – This command is extremely important for control, and we expect the dog to respond and obey regardless of distractions. Again, we begin by using short distances and work up to a hundred feet or more.
DOWN – This command asks the dog to assume a subordinate position in relation to the owner. More dominant canines may be rather stubborn with this command, but with the proper technique your dog will lay down without protest.
LONG DOWN STAY – This is a very practical and useful behavior. What a pleasure to bring the dog inside, and place him in a convenient, comfortable spot for up to one hour. It allows your dog to be a part of the family without being a nuisance.
FRONT YARD PROPERTY TRAINING – How much fun is it when your dog takes off and you end up chasing him down the street? This teaches your dog to stay within the confines of your property while you wash the car, mow the lawn, or visit with neighbors.
BEGINNING OFF LEAD – If your dog will not obey without the leash, then his training is incomplete. We will instruct you in the steps for achieving adequate off-leash control. The degree of off-leash control achieved will depend largely on diligence from you, and also on the dog's individual temperament
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