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Testimonials for The Canine Classroom

Hi Steve,
Our dogs are 8 years old now!! Hard to believe it's been that long. (Fritz & Zena - I don't know if you remember... they're two German Shepherds we got from Chris Sweeney). They're our 2nd set of dogs we've trained through you.

I just wanted to tell you we have two house sitters we use when we are out of town. They are both so very impressed with how well behaved our dogs are. The most recent house sitter (it was her first time with us) said she can't believe she can take the dogs outside and they don't run off! She said she's never seen anything like it and she's taken care of a lot of dogs. I told her if she has any clients who need encouragement for training, I could pass on your info! I have also referred another friend who has a black lab puppy. I really hope he contacts you. His name is Lynn Neumann.

I just wanted to share this with you. I hope business is good.

Happy Holidays,
I would truly recommend them to anyone who is having problems with the training of their dogs.
We have 2 dogs, a Beagle and a Weimaraner. Before training, my girlfriend couldn't take them both for a walk at the same time, because they would literally knock her off her feet from pulling.Also, we couldn't even think of opening a door without having them on a leash, as they would dart out the door. After several session with Steve and Wes, I can now say that we have two, very different dogs. They can follow simple commands, and listen so much better. My girlfriend can take them both on walks, with no problems. Also, we went on a camping trip last weekend, and let both of the dogs off their leashes, with minimal issues. When you take your your dogs into Canine Classroom, it is not just dog training... it is also dog handling. They taught us how to teach our dogs, so they listen to us; not just them. They made a world of difference for us and our dogs. I would truly recommend them to anyone who is having problems with the training of their dogs.

Ryan -- Beaverton, Oregon
Momotaro is a 3-year old French Bulldog who had seven bites prior to coming to us for training. Upon completion of our program in August 2017, owner Theresa has reported no more bites and he's doing great.
Steve and Wes are wonderful trainers.
Steve and Wes are wonderful trainers. My boyfriend and I took our dog Higgins to them when we first noticed some dominance and confidence issues in him. They truly taught us how to communicate with our dog. After the very first class taking Higs for a walk was so much more pleasant. To really get everything from the classes you HAVE TO PRACTICE THE HOMEWORK EVERY DAY. Some behaviors are easier to teach than others but if you slack then your dog slacks and you both suffer. Higgins is much better behaved now and I'm sure in a few months he will just be a dream. Thank you, Steve and Wes!

Nothing short of miraculous!
Steve Fuller and son Wes are the best trainers in the business, period! We acquired a rescue puppy who at 8 weeks after we got him home, was a living terror. He bit us repeatedly, and wreaked havoc in our home where we also had an 8 y/o Aussie. He even bit Steve on the initial visit. We also had some issues with the Aussie that were exacerbated by the new pup. After a week, we were already discussing bringing him back to the Humane Society.

We signed up for 3 months of weekly training sessions with Steve and Wes and the results are nothing short of miraculous. The issues with our Aussie are resolved, and our new puppy is a model citizen. Warm, loving, cuddly and no more biting. We love him more than ever. There was a lot of work involved, and Steve's private classes employ some techniques others know nothing about. And... they WORK! These are not your classrooms with 25 other dogs learning how to sit and stay. It is you, your dog(s) and Steve/Wes.

At one point, Wes even came out to our home to see/experience a very specific problem area in our home. He showed us how to address the issue and after some training, problem resolved. House calls? Yes!

I highly recommend Canine Classroom and Steve/Wes to anyone who wants the "best of the best" in dog training. They are the most knowledgeable experts and their techniques work!
Scott F. -- Portland, Oregon
They will train you to train your dog.
I went to Steve and Wes on the recommendation of a friend. My 7 month old lab was getting into his teenage rebel stage , and as a first time dog owner, I realized that I did not know how to manage my dog.

The training, modeling and assistance that Steve and Wes gave me have been instrumental in my training efforts. Gus, (my Lab), no longer needs to be on a leash, even when my wife or kids are walking him. He will peel out of a pack of dogs at the dog park to come when I call and will sit and stay while other dogs mill around him. He is affectionate, eager to please and reliably obedient.

Now 11 months old, Gus is a gentleman in the field, at home and in public. I can not speak highly enough of the guidance and instruction that you will get at Canine Classroom. Steve and Wes won't train your dog as much as they will train you to train your dog.
Eric L. -- Seattle, WA
Steve Fuller knows dogs!
Watch him direct his dogs through their paces and it's a no-brainer that his business has continued strong for over 30 years. Veterinarians, groomers and even the county courts refer desperate dog owners to seek out Steve's expertise.

I met Steve years ago when I owned a female Rottweiler who was sweet and biddable but stubborn with a desire to establish her territory and dominate other females. I went to him for an evaluation and was greatly impressed with the behavior of his German Shepherds. I liked that he offers 1-on-1 sessions only and not group sessions. This is all about training the owner and helping us understand the psychology and behavior of our dogs and how, we as owners commonly, yet unknowingly, create negative behavior in our dogs.

We had success in working with Steve. I came to better understand my dog, how to shift her focus and help her find her balance. Steve is worth the fee he requests, which to many, may seem pricey but you get what you pay for.

I do like that Steve is always willing to give refresher sessions in the future for any problems that may arise and he does this at no charge. He stands behind training and is always ready to help.
Ana W. -- Beaverton, OR
Take control of your dog and your life
I had resigned myself to our 2 year old Australian Shepherd pulling us down the street on her leash when we took her for a walk, and running off to the green space whenever she could sneak by us at the front door. This was the behavior I had grown to expect from our dog. However, my wife told me that she could not live with a dog that acted in this manner, and that there had to be a better way. So after an intensive search, she signed us up for training with Steve and Wes. Yes, I was a surprised how much the fee was, but after the first session I could see it was the best investment we had ever made! Yes, we took Kesa to puppy training, which allowed her to socialize with other dogs and people, but it did not go very far in basic training. Kesa was very much the alpha working to reiterate her dominance in her pack with my wife and myself. She would sit and lay down on command, and while she knew what come and stay meant, they were optional in her opinion. After our first visit we had to wonder how Steve managed to swap dogs without us noticing it! Steve had Kesa walking beside us, no longer pulling or tugging on the leash. He taught us how to be in control of her, not her in control of us. Kesa was suddenly a joy to take on a walk, as Steve was able to show both Kesa and us how we should act while on a walk. Kesa now responds appropriately to our commands. And better yet, she seems more content and happy. She is now a pleasure to be with though we still have a ways to go, and are currently working to walk with Kesa off-leash. Steve and Wes are there to help us, continuing to provide as much training as Kesa and we need, and at a pace that works for us, which makes the initial up-front fee such a bargain. I highly recommend Canine Classroom with Steve and Wes. If you want to take control of your dog and your life with your dog, and are seeking dog training techniques that work, this is the real deal!
Pamela D.
Quality: Excellent
Steve understands dogs (and people).
We were at our last hope w/Wynston our Aussie. After 3 months there has been dramatic improvement in his overall behavior. Canine classroom works but you have to do the work as well per Steve's instructions.
Todd W
Quality: Excellent
★★★★★ Excellent Training Excellent Results!!
We have been going to class for almost two months now. We have seen a remarkable change in our dog Buster. He use to drag us on walks, and was leash aggressive with other dogs. Now he just notices them. He now comes when we call him. I can make him stay on a spot for over an hour. Just a remarkable turn around Steve and Wes are easy and fun to work with. We highly recommend them!!
Greg H.
★★★★★ Great! Happy pup! Happy people!
I did A LOT of research before choosing Steve as a trainer, including visiting facilities, reading online reviews and weighing costs of different training. I chose Canine Classroom because its one on one training for my dog, he gets the undivided attention and Steve is a professional that has been in this business for a very long time. Yes, you get what you pay for, execellent training and remember its like taking a college class, you have to do your homework too. Steve isn't going to follow you home but he shows you and your dog the skills you both need to be successful. Yes, dog training is expensive but if you do it right the first time then it saves you money. Your dog is welcome back even years later at no cost. I have my pup in Canine Classroom right now, we have been going there for months and it has been a wonderful experience. Both Steve and Wes are very nice, patient and knowledgeable. I have the happiest well-behaved pup because of both of their efforts. I highly suggest doing some research and then checking out Canin Classroom, you'll see what I am talking about.